License Subject: This license grants permission to use the mockups available on the and websites (referred to as “Mockups”) according to the terms outlined in this document.

License Scope: This license allows for the unrestricted use of Mockups, including commercial use. Mockups can be used in any media and for clients without limitations.


a) Mockup files downloaded from the website, such as PSD (Adobe Photoshop) or TIF (Tagged Image File Format) files, are not permitted to be distributed in an open format. This includes distribution on websites, file transfers through external services, email, FTP, etc.

b) Selling or distributing Mockups on stock and microstock websites is prohibited, even with the sample design disabled.

Usage of Mockups: After modifying and saving Mockups as flattened graphic files, further distribution in this form is allowed. Prepared flattened files can be shared with clients, used in portfolios, television and press advertising, on websites and online stores, and on social media, among other uses.

No Source Attribution Requirement: When using Mockups for commercial purposes, it is not necessary to include a link or any other information indicating the source of the Mockups.

Other Conditions:

a) This license only applies to Mockups downloaded from the or websites and does not cover other materials available on the website.

b) All Mockups provided on the and websites are the property of professorinc.

Liability: I am not liable for any damages, losses, or claims arising from the use of Mockups provided on the and websites.

By accepting this license, you agree to the above terms and commit to adhering to them while using Mockups provided on the and websites.