iPhone Mockup

Minimalist iPhone Mockup

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Introduce your designs with the iPhone Mockup, a versatile and user-friendly mockup that brings your app or website designs to life. With its realistic and easy-to-use smart object layers, customizing the mockup is a breeze, allowing you to showcase your designs effortlessly.

The organized layers ensure that your workflow remains smooth and efficient, keeping your design process on track. With a high resolution of 6000×4000 px, your designs will look incredibly sharp and detailed, capturing every nuance and intricacy of your work. The phone screen size of 1290×2796 px, 460 dpi provides ample space to showcase your app’s interface or website’s layout, allowing users to visualize and appreciate your design with clarity.

Whether you’re working on a dark or light design, the changeable background color gives you the flexibility to create the perfect backdrop that complements your design aesthetic, ensuring a visually stunning presentation.

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